Are the number of IE8 users likely to drop after Microsoft drops support for Windows XP?

The latest version of the dreaded Internet Explorer that Windows XP supports is IE8.

As we have all heard, Microsoft dropped support for XP, and with that, IE8,  on 8th April 2014.

As web developers, this is an important step away from those delightful conditional statements and towards a more unified browser experience.

The 20-25% of users, especially businesses, are expected to upgrade their systems from XP to Windows 7, and that also means upgrading their IE version!

Here are the statistics for Operating Systems this month:


To my disappointment, XP has not seen the sudden drop that I was maybe too naively expecting after the 8th.

I can only hope, on behalf of the web development community, that these users and businesses pull their socks up and upgrade their systems so we can finally see the decline of IE8.

Posted Thursday, April 10th, 2014 under Scrapbook.

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